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Oatmeal Healing Properties – Does It Really Work?

Oatmeal or “avena” as we say on Spanish, is mostly known as an edible grain that is added to foods and very popular as a quick breakfast porridge. I for one, would never turn down an oatmeal cookie. -or two. I wouldn’t turn down a bowl of hot oatmeal with fruit either.

Aside from being eaten, oatmeal is also known for it skin healing properties. It has deep antioxidant properties that relieve many skin ailments. I have two family members that suffer from psoriasis. They both find relief when using a great deal of oatmeal based products, one in particular being oatmeal soap.

There are a many oatmeal products, both edible and those used for its medicinal properties. I want to discuss some healing products I have had experience with and see often here in Honduras. I personally consume more oatmeal through foods than any other manner, but I cannot ignore oatmeal’s healing properties.

Oatmeal is Great For Skin – Very Soothing & Mild

Anyone who has ever had a rash or similar skin ailment probably knows about the relief oatmeal can provide. If not, they should. Oatmeal has healing properties that almost seems to dry up the ailment even though it has such great moisturizing properties. Most products based with oatmeal provide a mild solution that doesn’t further irritate yet provide a soothing desired effect.

Oatmeal Soaps – Mild Healing Cleanser

One popular oatmeal product is oatmeal soap. Most soaps I have tried are very soothing and create a mildly scented lather. In Honduras, I find that the heavier scented ones usually come from better known companies such as Dove. The Dove soap I find here is scented but does lather quite well.

There are even oatmeal based soaps for dogs. My dog got prescribed an oatmeal soap to relieve a bad rash she had. I’m happy to say that she was healed as expected by the vet. I now use oatmeal soaps and shampoos for her regularly. They help keep her skin healthy and prevent rashes which are an issue here is hot San Pedro Sula.

I have seen a few natural oatmeal soaps here in Honduras. I really enjoy them because they lather well and are lightly scented. Another admission I have to make is that I feel like the bars of soap don’t last long enough. They are so soothing that I end up using it probably more often than other soaps.

Oatmeal Lotions – How Effective Are They?

Oatmeal lotions are also popular. Especially if you have ultra sensitive skin as it moisturizes gently without irritating skin. It is also known to relieve itchy and inflamed skin with its natural emollients.

Oatmeal lotions are great for soothing cracked dry skin. If you have very sensitive, you may want to be careful as some have oatmeal in their ingredients but are still packed with fragrances and other ingredients that may cause irritation.

Most of the oatmeal lotions I have tried really don’t stand out to me in any way. I have to remind you that I don’t really suffer from any skin ailments though. I find that the soaps seem more of a direct treatment and lotions as more of a supplement.

Health Benefits Inside and Out

So I do have to conclude that oats and oatmeal are very beneficial to us inside and out. They are part of many diets for helping people loose weight as well as control blood sugars. There are always new oatmeal products for your skin and scalp from soaps to shampoos to help us and our furry friends.

If you have any questions or comments about this article or any related, please leave it in the comment section and I will reply as soon as possible.

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