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Natural Herbs – Honduras Has Wealth

In my little time in Honduras, I have found a great wealth in the county’s natural resources. From a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to soothe your stomach’s cravings to countless natural herbs and spices to benefit your health and please your taste buds.

Lately there seems to be a huge spike in general interest in staying healthy by ingesting specific foods and taking advantage of the worlds many natural gifts to humans.

For millennia mankind has benefited from the world’s natural resources. It is a known fact that we have that we have ingested plants and benefited from natural herb remedies for longer than history has been recorded.

It seems that mankind steered away a bit from staying healthy. In fact modern man is known more in general as one to be out of shape and uninterested in making healthy choices. Consumed by social media and video games while slouched on a couch eating fast food and speeding up his approach towards death.

For many, this is not the case. Many are taking advantage of the immense amount of shared knowledge available on the internet. Many are taking action and finding ways to allow their bodies to benefit from what they may have been missing from.

The Shift – How Society Is Hungry For Natural Products

The share of knowledge on the internet is immense. Many are finding ways to keep healthy and treat our ailments in a natural way. Increases in health care prices and distrust in pharmaceuticals are just a few reasons why.

I find that it is better to at least know what you consume. When something grows out of the ground, you know over all what went into it. When something comes out of a factory, you probably don’t.

Popular Natural Herbs – Why are they popular?

In my search of natural herbs from the region, I am also discovering many from places not in the region that are popular due to their effectiveness. Below I will discuss a few that are popular here in Honduras. Most of them I have within my reach and will begin offering to ship though the web store.

Quina, chamomile, caña fistula, moringa seeds. I can go on and list for days. Honduras has so many options in natural herbs that they are hard to catalog. Mostly because in the markets where you find them they are unlabeled. You have to kinda just know what you’re looking for.

It seems people are seeking more and more to treat their ailments and avoid them by using herbs. The rise in popularity of the herbalist and fellow Honduran, Dr Sebi has supported that. Many of his teachings call for uses of herbs that are available in this region of the world only. His approved list include moringa and sea weed as well as products many herbs found here in Honduras.

Teas For Remedies – Do They Work?

Teas have been used to treat countless remedies for thousands of years. Here in Honduras we have access no not just many single herbs for teas but also premixed herbs to treat specific ailments. Many of them come from neighboring El Salvador and Guatemala. Most don’t have labels describing ingredients,instead just what they are meant to treat. (Such as diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, etc. ) I am currently taking one to help treat a cough. it is very soothing and definitely has helped.

I plan on posting more info on these teas packaged to treat specific ailments soon. If you have any questions, special requests or comments, please leave the in the comment section below.


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