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Coconut Oil


One benefit about living in Honduras is the availability of fresh coconuts and all types of coconut based products. It is not uncommon to have my life saved by street vendors selling iced cold coconut water while walking through San Pedro Sula’s hot streets.

Aside from life saving iced cold coconut water, one of my favorite coconut products is good ol’ pure coconut oil. Its benefits are countless. It is truly a super food with uses that extend far beyond the kitchen.

In Honduras coconut oil can be found at most health and beauty stores but also by street vendors on the beach. The best coconut oil I have ever tried, I purchased from a little boy on a popular beach in Tela, Honduras. It even had small visible pieces of coconut and smelled and tasted absolutely amazing.

It has very potent antimicrobial properties that make it very effective to help relieve stomach and indigestion problems. It’s even used as an anti-aging moisturizer that keeps skin soft and elastic.

Many people use coconut oil to help restore damaged hair and as a general moisturizer. It is also popular as a flavor enhancer and a tasty ingredient in many foods.

I can go on and on about coconut oil’s benefits. There are entire books dedicated to its benefits. I encourage all to use it and take advantage of its benefits.

If you have any questions about coconut oil or any coconut oil based products, please leave them in the comment section and I will happily reply.

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