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Sea Moss – What is it? What does it do?


Powdered Sea Moss

One thing that I found in the market here in Honduras, that seems to be buzzing lately is sea moss. Sea Moss is also known as Bladderwrack and Irish Sea Moss. Here in Honduras, it is called “Alga Marina” which is Spanish for “Marine Algae”.

Sea moss is considered a superfood and has several factors that make it extremely beneficial to your health.

For one, sea moss is a great source of potassium chloride which is known to boost the immune system and fight infections. It is effective in reducing congestion by breaking down phlegm in the mucous membrane.

Sea moss is packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins. It’s a great source of dietary fiber, calcium, copper, vitamin K, and riboflavin. It is believed to support strong bones. It’s also packed with iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

Sea moss is commonly used as a thickener for smoothies, soups, and stews. I personally use it as a daily supplement. I get it in powdered form and I mix it with room temperature water.


The many benefits of Sea Moss – Don’t take this superfood for granted!

Many sea plants contain iodine. Sea moss or bladderwrack contains a high count of iodine. This makes it very beneficial to prevent or treat many thyroid disorders. It is known to reduce the effects of radiation as well as promote good digestion health.

Sea moss also does wonders for your skin. In many cases it has been referred to as “the natural Botox”. Its powerful combination of protein, minerals, and iodine, are great for collagen production. It is known to help smooth out wrinkles, tone skin, and help fight visible signs of aging.

There are countless health benefits provided by sea moss consumption. Many people use it to treat digestive disorders and ulcers. Studies show that it can even be beneficial in treating depression, anxiety, ADD, and Autism.




My personal experience with sea moss – How it helped me get rid of a long lasting cough and heavy congestion

Over the years, I developed a bad cough from exposure to mold and on and off smoking. The cough is something that felt like it would never completely go away. I would go by weeks without even so much as the urge to cough and then out of no where, I would get cough attacks that would leave me gasping for air.

I knew about some of the benefits of sea moss but it was something that I had not tried for myself. After reading more about sea moss online, I decided that I wanted to give it a try. Everything I found seemed to indicate that it would help get my lungs cleaned up. I was lucky to find organic powdered sea moss from an herb and spice supplier that I deal with often.

I began drinking it 3 times a day. The first day it was a little bit difficult as the taste wasn’t so easy to stomach initially. It has an “ocean” like taste and smell. It is not salty but rather “green” tasting. When blended well, it has an almost creamy taste. I now have no issues drinking it as I have gotten used to it and I now know the benefits are well worth it.

Within a few days I began to feel its effects. My coughing stopped and the constant congested feeling began to go away. I noticed that I was expelling mucus without the need to cough. It was the relief I had been looking for.

History of using sea moss – From superstition to staying alive

Among many cultures world wide, there is history of sea moss being used for mostly its nutritional and health benefits. In cultures all over the world sea moss have been used for centuries.

There is evidence that it was used in Chinese medicine as early as 600 BC. Also it was used as a food source in the British Isles around 400 BC.

According to ancient Irish folklore, Irish Moss was placed under rugs to bring good luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into the house or pockets of the intended person. It was taken on trips as it was believed to provide safety and protection to the person carrying it.

In Ireland it was used as food for the impoverished especially during the Irish Potato Famine of 1846-1848. It also been used in South and Central America to treat chest congestion.

Sea moss the new craze – How the internet and media have contributed to the popularity of sea moss


Although the benefits of sea moss have been integrated into many cultures for centuries, many people are just now discovering it. It’s amazing to see its growth in popularity in such a small amount of time.

Over the years many celebrities have discussed their fondness of sea moss. This is usually met with a look of disgust mixed with curiosity. Many of Dr. Sebi’s celebrity clients raved about its benefits including Lisa Lopes who discussed drinking it daily with Regis Philbin.

In more recent celebrities embracing sea moss news, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her breakfast which included a tall glass of what she proudly labeled as “sea moss smoothie”. (Pictured above)

As we know, the internet facilitates sharing information both good and bad. With all the good benefits sea moss brings, it’s no wonder it continues to gain attention.


So whether you are looking to treat an ailment or supplement your health to stay healthy, I can say sea moss is something to consider for that. Here in Honduras it is popularly found in powdered form. There are many varieties worldwide with colors varying from green to red, or orange, and even purple.

Regardless of which one you find, make sure it is the real deal. I have read many reports online claiming that there are markets selling fake sea moss. Who knows what that is made of but I would say the smell is a perfect giveaway. If it doesn’t smell like the sea, it’s probably fake.

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The story behind Dr. Sebi – Did he really cure AIDS & other incurable diseases?

Dr. Sebi was a Honduran herbalist that is believed by many to have cured AIDS, diabetes, cancer, herpes, and many other diseases. Strangely with all those claimed accomplishments, he didn’t receive much media coverage while he was alive. Now, nearly three years after his death, there seems to have been a surge in the popularity of his name.

From his several arrests during his life to conspiracy theories surrounding his death and bickering back and forth between family members claiming to be the only “authorized” to spread his teachings or sell his products, Dr. Sebi’s teachings and herbal recommendations have always been a center of controversy.

Dr Sebi’s beginnings – From humble beginnings in Honduras to being sought after by celebrities in the US

Dr. Sebi was born Alfredo Darrington Bowman in the small town of Ilanga, Colon in the country of Honduras in 1933. This part of the country, I am very fond of since my grandfather was also born there. It is a beautiful tropical area that is very lush and not far from the Caribbean coast.

Online accounts are not very clear about when Dr. Sebi moved to the US. However by listening to him speak, it is obvious that he had spent many years immersed in US culture. In most of his early years in the US, he resided in New York where he would later launch his herbalist career and end up in hot water with the federal government.

His grandmother taught him many natural remedies using herbs when he was in Honduras. But when he was in the US he got to experience unwanted effects and ineffectiveness with traditional pharmaceuticals when trying to heal many of his own ailments. Dr. Sebi began taking trips to Mexico to visit a herbalist. He claimed to have been healed by many of his ailments by using the herbs recommended by the Mexican herbalist he was visiting.

When he returned to New York he began his herbalist career. In 1987, he was charged with practicing medicine without a license, a case which he would beat and soon catapult his earnings. Soon he would be sought after several celebrities including Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Steven Seagal, Eddie Murphy, and Lisa Lopes

Dr Sebi’s legal issues – From New York state and city officials to Honduran officials

In an interview of Dr. Sebi that is online, he said his mom warned him that if he pursued healing ailments “they” would come after him. Looking back to the legal issues that came after, this definitely came to fruition.

In 1987, Dr. Sebi was charged in New York for practicing medicine without a license. This was caused by an ad he put out in newspapers stating that “AIDS has been cured”. The New York State Attorney General and the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs asked him to remove the ads. He refused to remove them and was subsequently arrested.

Charges were dismissed after he produced 70 patients that would testify that they had been cured of the virus. He was still later sued by the State of New York for consumer fraud. He was ordered to pay $900 and refrain from making claims of curing specific diseases.

The fact that the original charges were dropped seemed to have only boosted his credibility. He soon moved to California where he would become sought after by many celebrities and wealthy clients although he stayed for the most part, out of the spot light.

In March 2016, he was arrested in Honduras for carrying $37,000 in cash. Officials cited that he was money laundering even though no such evidence was ever produced. On May 28 of the same year, he was arrested again with $50,000 in his possession. Officials cited the same accusations and soon released him pending a court hearing slated for June 6, 2016. He was soon rearrested by Honduran Public Prosecuter’s Office (Ministerio Publico de Honduras) and charged with money laundering.

After spending several weeks in a Honduras prison with his family frantically attempting to get him released, Dr. Sebi died while in route to a hospital in La Ceiba Honduras after suffering from complications of pneumonia.

Conspiracy Theories – Was Dr. Sebi persecuted by the government?

After his death, many theories came out claiming that Dr. Sebi was killed by the government for opposing traditional modern pharmaceuticals. Theories like this lead him to become the subject of more coverage in media outlets and gained the attention of now deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle.

In March 2019, Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in Los Angeles for what authorities claim was due to a personal matter. Many believe that he was also killed by the government for contemplating on doing a documentary on Dr. Sebi.

Shortly before his own death, Nipsey Hussle jokingly implied that the documentary could result in his death. Even though most evidence seems to aim at his death being unrelated to Dr. Sebi, many have still hung on to the idea of his death being a government conspiracy just as Dr. Sebi’s. .

The Legacy of Dr. Sebi – His products and documentary

Since Dr. Sebi’s death in 2016, much controversy has surrounded his name. He has been thrust into the conversations of many online. From people who are seeking to better their health to people looking to gain attention or money by use of his name.

The documentary about Dr. Sebi that Nipsey Hussle was working on before he was murdered is something that has now received even more of a buzz. It has now been reported by Nick Cannon that he will be taking over the project. He has reached out to some of Dr. Sebi’s family members to get material for his future project.

There does seem to be a lot of division between Dr. Sebi’s family and associates. In several interviews online, his children and spouses can be heard attempting to discredit each other.

Dr. Sebi had 17 live children at the time of his death. The family seems to be divided between the children of both his spouses Maha Bowman and Patsy Bowman.

Maha Bowman was his first wife. In a recent interview with a New York radio station she claimed to have been present when he first began his herbal quests to Mexico. She seemed to try to discredit any entities associated with his spouse at the time of his death, Patsy Bowman.

It seems that both sides of his family are attempting to use Dr. Sebi’s name to sell natural products. No one seems to be in agreement about it. It seems that his first wife Maha and children are mostly based in New York and his second wife, Patsy and children here in Honduras.

It will be interesting to see if the documentary whether it will shed any more light on his children and add clarity to his final wishes. As of now, I have not seen much media about his kids in Honduras nor his wife Patsy Bowman. It is probably because of geography.

Much of Dr. Sebi’s teachings were recommendations of to eat and what not to eat. He created what we know as Dr. Sebi electric food list. There are many Dr. Sebi products online although after his death it has become hard to decipher which were his official products or authorized by him.

Dr. Sebi Electric Food List

Conclusion – One way or another Dr. Sebi’s legacy continues

It is becoming more difficult to deny the impact that Dr. Sebi made. He has awakened many to try alternative options to not just treat ailments but also avoid them. I believe in time we will continue to see a growth in interest of his teachings.

In our store we carry some natural herbs that were recommended by Dr. Sebi. (We are also open to special requests) Although we are not associated with Dr. Sebi or any of his entities, we have access to many of the herbs he recommended many of which are easily found here in Honduras.

If you have any experiences with Dr. Sebi’s products or any questions or comments at all, please share them with us in the comments section.

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Natural Herbs – Honduras Has Wealth

In my little time in Honduras, I have found a great wealth in the county’s natural resources. From a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to soothe your stomach’s cravings to countless natural herbs and spices to benefit your health and please your taste buds.

Lately there seems to be a huge spike in general interest in staying healthy by ingesting specific foods and taking advantage of the worlds many natural gifts to humans.

For millennia mankind has benefited from the world’s natural resources. It is a known fact that we have that we have ingested plants and benefited from natural herb remedies for longer than history has been recorded.

It seems that mankind steered away a bit from staying healthy. In fact modern man is known more in general as one to be out of shape and uninterested in making healthy choices. Consumed by social media and video games while slouched on a couch eating fast food and speeding up his approach towards death.

For many, this is not the case. Many are taking advantage of the immense amount of shared knowledge available on the internet. Many are taking action and finding ways to allow their bodies to benefit from what they may have been missing from.

The Shift – How Society Is Hungry For Natural Products

The share of knowledge on the internet is immense. Many are finding ways to keep healthy and treat our ailments in a natural way. Increases in health care prices and distrust in pharmaceuticals are just a few reasons why.

I find that it is better to at least know what you consume. When something grows out of the ground, you know over all what went into it. When something comes out of a factory, you probably don’t.

Popular Natural Herbs – Why are they popular?

In my search of natural herbs from the region, I am also discovering many from places not in the region that are popular due to their effectiveness. Below I will discuss a few that are popular here in Honduras. Most of them I have within my reach and will begin offering to ship though the web store.

Quina, chamomile, caña fistula, moringa seeds. I can go on and list for days. Honduras has so many options in natural herbs that they are hard to catalog. Mostly because in the markets where you find them they are unlabeled. You have to kinda just know what you’re looking for.

It seems people are seeking more and more to treat their ailments and avoid them by using herbs. The rise in popularity of the herbalist and fellow Honduran, Dr Sebi has supported that. Many of his teachings call for uses of herbs that are available in this region of the world only. His approved list include moringa and sea weed as well as products many herbs found here in Honduras.

Teas For Remedies – Do They Work?

Teas have been used to treat countless remedies for thousands of years. Here in Honduras we have access no not just many single herbs for teas but also premixed herbs to treat specific ailments. Many of them come from neighboring El Salvador and Guatemala. Most don’t have labels describing ingredients,instead just what they are meant to treat. (Such as diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, etc. ) I am currently taking one to help treat a cough. it is very soothing and definitely has helped.

I plan on posting more info on these teas packaged to treat specific ailments soon. If you have any questions, special requests or comments, please leave the in the comment section below.


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Batana Oil Scalp Treatment – Hair Loss Remedies That Work?

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, pure batana oil is a very popular hair product from Central America. One of the products that is based with pure batana oil that deserves to be mentioned is “Batana Tratamiento Capilar”. It’s a deep conditioning scalp treatment that is said to also work to fight hair loss.

Batana oil scalp treatment is also a very sought after product to help restore damaged hair. The product is so sought after that even here in Honduras, it is very common to have all my suppliers sell out at once.

Whether you are looking for hair loss remedies for women or hair loss remedies for men, the batana oil scalp treatment (batana tratamiento capilar) is very popular and should be considered just on positive feedback alone.

I’ve sent my mom almost every batana oil based product I have encountered and she raves about the scalp treatment.

How to Use It – Best Practices

So far I have discovered two different type of batana oil scalp treatment. They both seem like the same product just in different packaging.

Both say to apply to scalp with finger tips using a circular motion ensuring it penetrates and makes thorough contact with scalp. The recommended “leave in” time is 15-30 minutes although most users report trying to leave it in as long as possible to ensure maximum effects.

To spread throughout hair, you want to use a comb or brush ensuring even coverage. Do this with small amounts of product at a time to avoid waste.

Lastly you want to wash hair out with warm water and use a light shampoo. Many people opt to use batana oil based shampoo to maximize effect.

Grey Hairs – Decreases Visibility

Batana scalp treatment is also known as a grey hair remedy. With continued use, hair develops a dark brownish tone and becomes thick and very manageable.

Moisturizes Scalp – Combats Dandruff & Other Dry Skin Issues

If you suffer from dandruff of dry skin on scalp, this also may be a remedy you may want to consider. The combination of natural batana oil and other natural conditioner deeply penetrate that skin leaving it soft and renewed.

Thankful – Hope to Help

I have to be thankful to have such a richness of natural remedies at my reach. Batana oil scalp treatment seems to be a favorite of locals and people abroad as well. I hope the posts I provide are informative and help others in finding healthy solutions they need.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Oatmeal Healing Properties – Does It Really Work?

Oatmeal or “avena” as we say on Spanish, is mostly known as an edible grain that is added to foods and very popular as a quick breakfast porridge. I for one, would never turn down an oatmeal cookie. -or two. I wouldn’t turn down a bowl of hot oatmeal with fruit either.

Aside from being eaten, oatmeal is also known for it skin healing properties. It has deep antioxidant properties that relieve many skin ailments. I have two family members that suffer from psoriasis. They both find relief when using a great deal of oatmeal based products, one in particular being oatmeal soap.

There are a many oatmeal products, both edible and those used for its medicinal properties. I want to discuss some healing products I have had experience with and see often here in Honduras. I personally consume more oatmeal through foods than any other manner, but I cannot ignore oatmeal’s healing properties.

Oatmeal is Great For Skin – Very Soothing & Mild

Anyone who has ever had a rash or similar skin ailment probably knows about the relief oatmeal can provide. If not, they should. Oatmeal has healing properties that almost seems to dry up the ailment even though it has such great moisturizing properties. Most products based with oatmeal provide a mild solution that doesn’t further irritate yet provide a soothing desired effect.

Oatmeal Soaps – Mild Healing Cleanser

One popular oatmeal product is oatmeal soap. Most soaps I have tried are very soothing and create a mildly scented lather. In Honduras, I find that the heavier scented ones usually come from better known companies such as Dove. The Dove soap I find here is scented but does lather quite well.

There are even oatmeal based soaps for dogs. My dog got prescribed an oatmeal soap to relieve a bad rash she had. I’m happy to say that she was healed as expected by the vet. I now use oatmeal soaps and shampoos for her regularly. They help keep her skin healthy and prevent rashes which are an issue here is hot San Pedro Sula.

I have seen a few natural oatmeal soaps here in Honduras. I really enjoy them because they lather well and are lightly scented. Another admission I have to make is that I feel like the bars of soap don’t last long enough. They are so soothing that I end up using it probably more often than other soaps.

Oatmeal Lotions – How Effective Are They?

Oatmeal lotions are also popular. Especially if you have ultra sensitive skin as it moisturizes gently without irritating skin. It is also known to relieve itchy and inflamed skin with its natural emollients.

Oatmeal lotions are great for soothing cracked dry skin. If you have very sensitive, you may want to be careful as some have oatmeal in their ingredients but are still packed with fragrances and other ingredients that may cause irritation.

Most of the oatmeal lotions I have tried really don’t stand out to me in any way. I have to remind you that I don’t really suffer from any skin ailments though. I find that the soaps seem more of a direct treatment and lotions as more of a supplement.

Health Benefits Inside and Out

So I do have to conclude that oats and oatmeal are very beneficial to us inside and out. They are part of many diets for helping people loose weight as well as control blood sugars. There are always new oatmeal products for your skin and scalp from soaps to shampoos to help us and our furry friends.

If you have any questions or comments about this article or any related, please leave it in the comment section and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Batana Oil Shampoo

Batana oil based products are one of the most popular health and beauty products coming from Honduras. Their deep restoring properties have helped the Moskito people for centuries but now have also attracted people from all over the world.

It seems that many are becoming educated about damaged hair remedies and trying to avoid remedies that may have side effects. Jada Pinkett Smith recently reported using steroid injections to treat her hair loss. I would imagine that most people would want to start in a milder fashion.

As some may know, natural batana oil has been used for centuries to treat hair and skin disorders.

In my search for batana oil based products, I discovered only two variations of shampoos so far (In Honduras). I have seen several variations online, but I would question the freshness of a product produced anywhere ojon palms don’t grow.

The first type I will discuss is from a company called Helix’e. Their brand appears on several natural health and beauty products from Honduras. This particular shampoo’s color is dark with “creamy” swirls. I always shake it to even out its consistency. It is a very thick shampoo that lathers beautifully and leaves hair feeling soft and full of body. Over all, I have to say that it is an excellent product. I actually keep a bottle in my bathroom all though I personally use it maybe once or twice a week just to supplement the natural batana oil I use. I have found it in both 8 and 16 oz bottles.

The second type is an unbranded type that simply says “Shampoo de Batana” on the label. It is a much lighter color and consistency. It creates a much milder lather and seems to have a light fragrance. In comparison to the Helix’e brand one it is much inferior although I like its mildness better for everyday use and it is a bit gentler on my pocket as well. This particular shampoo I have only found in 16 oz bottles.

In my journeys I will continue to seek new batana oil based products as well as other health and beauty products from the region. I will continue to update on my findings.

If you have any questions about batana shampoos or any other health and beauty products, please let us know by leaving them in the comment section below. I will gladly help you.

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Quina Cinchona

In my walks through the market in el “Barrio Medina” here in San Pedro Sula, I noticed bags of tree bark being sold. My curiosity wouldn’t allow me to walk by without asking what it was.

It turned out to be “quina”. Still not knowing what that was, I scratched my head and walked away. I went home and did some research though. Turns out this tree bark is very useful. After reading up on it and realizing that I could definitely benefit from it, I went back and bought some in powder form.

Quina cinchona (Cinchona officinalis) is a tree bark that has been found useful in treating many ailments such as Malaria and stomach issues. It known to increase appetite. It is also used in facial toners and tonics. I recently experienced nearly miraculous results using a quina based nail fungus treatment. (I will share more about this experience in another post)

The taste is very bitter and a bit acidic. I must say, I’m glad my curiosity got the best of me.

If you have any questions about quina or quina based products, please leave them in the comments section below. I will gladly reply soon.


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Batana Oil

For many centuries, the Moskito people in Central America have used batana oil for many of its skin and hair health benefits. I will discuss the two different types of 100% pure batana oils I have used.

Batana oil is a rich moisturizing oil that is extracted from the nut of the ojon palm (also known as the American palm). It is excellent in treating dry and damaged hair and skin. There are also many reports that it is great for treating hair loss, scars, and even diminishing gray hairs.

I personally use it regularly to keep me from developing dandruff (which I used to suffer from) and keeping my hands and cuticles feeling moisturized and healthy. (Only a small amount needed)

When I was younger living in the US, I recall my uncle bringing my mom a Gerber baby jar full of a brown substance. I remember his excitement in explaining to my mom that it was a natural product from Honduras that was great for your hair.

My mom always brought up that story as she fell in love with the brown substance in the glass jar but had a hard time getting more once she ran out.

Many years later, I ended up moving to Honduras and within no time I ran into this interesting brown substance in a glass jar. I bought some and soon fell in love with its results. Soon enough, I discovered that there were two types of pure batana oil sold in all different types of containers.

Grainy & Chunky

So far I have found two types of 100% natural batana oils in Honduras. I will discuss the two in detail to allow readers to tell the difference and be able to make an informed decision. At first glance they are the same thing: they both have a coffee-ish blended with chocolate with a hint of tobacco kind of smell. Both oil types solidify in cool environments and liquefy in hotter ones.

I will break down the two types of batana oils into their texture; the “grainy” type which is dark and thick and the “chunky” type which is lighter and seems thinner. Personally I love the smell of both and have find that both have its benefits.

The Grainy Type

The grainy type is the type of of oil usually found in recycled Gerber baby food jars. I have even seen it sold in emptied rum bottles and other containers. It is a very dark substance with little “grains” within. Personally I like this type the most because it seems to stay put when applying to the scalp.


The Chunky Type

The chunky type is much lighter (almost orange) in color and has a wax-like appearance. It is popular within the “branded” market and usually sold in plastic bottles. I like this type for my hand as it seems to dissolve and leave less residue.

Online I have seen both types being sold in all types of containers. One type of popular packaging I have seen lately is tin cans with fancy labels (and equally fancy prices).

Most batana oil comes from Honduras. To be more precise, it comes from the jungle in Honduras in a part that you can only reach by plane or boat. It has been produced by the Moskito people of Honduras and Nicaragua for centuries.

In future posts I will discuss other batana oil based products I have found such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and blends.
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will be happy to help you out.

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Health is Wealth

When viewing maps of Central America, you can see large portions of rich forest through out. In Honduras in particular, these forest or jungle are home to thousands of plant species many of which are still being discovered to this day.

There you will find many “miracle” plants, which have been used to centuries to treat many different ailments from simple dandruff to hair loss, to curing malaria and treating nail fungi.

I will be sharing my findings with you on the health and beauty items I find around products from here in Honduras and the Central American region.

Also, if you have any personal experiences with any products mentioned or have recommendations on products I should look for, please share with us in the comment section below.

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About Productos HN

My name is Rene and I am the founder of Productos HN. I wanted to take the time and welcome you to the site and tell you a bit about myself and Productos HN.

On this site, you will find many products from Honduras & surrounding countries. Also you will find a thorough health and beauty products blog showcasing health items from the region.

I have found that there is a wealth of effective natural products out here that the world needs to know about!

How Productos HN Started

I grew up in the US and had few opportunities to travel to my home country, Honduras. I would have relatives come visit and I remember the excitement of seeing what goodies they would bring.

Many of these goodies included a variety of natural products that are only available in the Central American region. Products that once I finally came down to Honduras a few years ago as an adult, made me realize the value and scarcity of.

Honduras is a small country in Central America that is about 65% uninhabited. This means that many plants that are beneficial to us are able to flourish. The jungle in Honduras is almost impenetrable with a single road leading to the wilderness and some parts only being accessible by plane or boat.

Living here has given me the opportunity to take advantage of many natural products and remedies that have helped me with countless issues. Having grown up away from here, I was able to see the value of now having access to this wealth of natural products and I decided to share them with the world.


The main purpose I created Productos HN is to share my experiences with Honduran products available out here as I have found many to be extremely beneficial.

One of the first things I noticed when moving out here was there was very little information online regarding products from this part of the world. In fact according to recent surveys, only about 25% the population of Honduras even has regular internet access. (no wonder there’s little info) I’m just adding my two cents to help alleviate that.

I’m also eager to learn more about health products from out here so I assure you I will keep my eyes open for new things and share my findings.

Many products found out here I have tried myself and I plan on detailing the results. Please note that these products are to be taken at your own risk. I am not a doctor nor medical professional and recommend that you speak to your doctor before taking any new products.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Productos HN