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Batana Oil Shampoo

Batana oil based products are one of the most popular health and beauty products coming from Honduras. Their deep restoring properties have helped the Moskito people for centuries but now have also attracted people from all over the world.

It seems that many are becoming educated about damaged hair remedies and trying to avoid remedies that may have side effects. Jada Pinkett Smith recently reported using steroid injections to treat her hair loss. I would imagine that most people would want to start in a milder fashion.

As some may know, natural batana oil has been used for centuries to treat hair and skin disorders.

In my search for batana oil based products, I discovered only two variations of shampoos so far (In Honduras). I have seen several variations online, but I would question the freshness of a product produced anywhere ojon palms don’t grow.

The first type I will discuss is from a company called Helix’e. Their brand appears on several natural health and beauty products from Honduras. This particular shampoo’s color is dark with “creamy” swirls. I always shake it to even out its consistency. It is a very thick shampoo that lathers beautifully and leaves hair feeling soft and full of body. Over all, I have to say that it is an excellent product. I actually keep a bottle in my bathroom all though I personally use it maybe once or twice a week just to supplement the natural batana oil I use. I have found it in both 8 and 16 oz bottles.

The second type is an unbranded type that simply says “Shampoo de Batana” on the label. It is a much lighter color and consistency. It creates a much milder lather and seems to have a light fragrance. In comparison to the Helix’e brand one it is much inferior although I like its mildness better for everyday use and it is a bit gentler on my pocket as well. This particular shampoo I have only found in 16 oz bottles.

In my journeys I will continue to seek new batana oil based products as well as other health and beauty products from the region. I will continue to update on my findings.

If you have any questions about batana shampoos or any other health and beauty products, please let us know by leaving them in the comment section below. I will gladly help you.

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