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Batana Oil Scalp Treatment – Hair Loss Remedies That Work?

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, pure batana oil is a very popular hair product from Central America. One of the products that is based with pure batana oil that deserves to be mentioned is “Batana Tratamiento Capilar”. It’s a deep conditioning scalp treatment that is said to also work to fight hair loss.

Batana oil scalp treatment is also a very sought after product to help restore damaged hair. The product is so sought after that even here in Honduras, it is very common to have all my suppliers sell out at once.

Whether you are looking for hair loss remedies for women or hair loss remedies for men, the batana oil scalp treatment (batana tratamiento capilar) is very popular and should be considered just on positive feedback alone.

I’ve sent my mom almost every batana oil based product I have encountered and she raves about the scalp treatment.

How to Use It – Best Practices

So far I have discovered two different type of batana oil scalp treatment. They both seem like the same product just in different packaging.

Both say to apply to scalp with finger tips using a circular motion ensuring it penetrates and makes thorough contact with scalp. The recommended “leave in” time is 15-30 minutes although most users report trying to leave it in as long as possible to ensure maximum effects.

To spread throughout hair, you want to use a comb or brush ensuring even coverage. Do this with small amounts of product at a time to avoid waste.

Lastly you want to wash hair out with warm water and use a light shampoo. Many people opt to use batana oil based shampoo to maximize effect.

Grey Hairs – Decreases Visibility

Batana scalp treatment is also known as a grey hair remedy. With continued use, hair develops a dark brownish tone and becomes thick and very manageable.

Moisturizes Scalp – Combats Dandruff & Other Dry Skin Issues

If you suffer from dandruff of dry skin on scalp, this also may be a remedy you may want to consider. The combination of natural batana oil and other natural conditioner deeply penetrate that skin leaving it soft and renewed.

Thankful – Hope to Help

I have to be thankful to have such a richness of natural remedies at my reach. Batana oil scalp treatment seems to be a favorite of locals and people abroad as well. I hope the posts I provide are informative and help others in finding healthy solutions they need.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section and I will reply as soon as possible.

5 thoughts on “Batana Oil Scalp Treatment – Hair Loss Remedies That Work?

  1. Batana 100% y recomendada al
    ? % para el cuidado de el cabello y de la piel( me atreví a aplicarla en mi rostro por las noches y e notado que suaviza mi piel y hace una función como que fuera colageno en él área de mis párpados) en mi cabello crea suavidad y lo deja más manejable para la hora de peinarlo.

    1. Hola Gissela, Gracias por su compra y comentario. Esperamos siga teniendo buenos resultados y siga comprando!

  2. Jabón de Batana: lo he estado utilizando para lavar mi rostro y me a dado excelentes resultados,hidrata mi piel y e notado que leve a manchas de acné que habían en mi rostro se han ido desvaneciendo. Se los recomiendo al ? %

  3. This really works, my hair is not very friendly when it comes to natural hair products, however this batana oil definitely does the job, and I like the smooth clean hair sensation that this product leaves when my hair dries.

    1. Hi Andy, thank you for your feedback. Be sure to also try our batana oil shampoo. It provides great results while leaving your hair clean and manageable.

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