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About Productos HN

My name is Rene and I am the founder of Productos HN. I wanted to take the time and welcome you to the site and tell you a bit about myself and Productos HN.

On this site, you will find many products from Honduras & surrounding countries. Also you will find a thorough health and beauty products blog showcasing health items from the region.

I have found that there is a wealth of effective natural products out here that the world needs to know about!

How Productos HN Started

I grew up in the US and had few opportunities to travel to my home country, Honduras. I would have relatives come visit and I remember the excitement of seeing what goodies they would bring.

Many of these goodies included a variety of natural products that are only available in the Central American region. Products that once I finally came down to Honduras a few years ago as an adult, made me realize the value and scarcity of.

Honduras is a small country in Central America that is about 65% uninhabited. This means that many plants that are beneficial to us are able to flourish. The jungle in Honduras is almost impenetrable with a single road leading to the wilderness and some parts only being accessible by plane or boat.

Living here has given me the opportunity to take advantage of many natural products and remedies that have helped me with countless issues. Having grown up away from here, I was able to see the value of now having access to this wealth of natural products and I decided to share them with the world.


The main purpose I created Productos HN is to share my experiences with Honduran products available out here as I have found many to be extremely beneficial.

One of the first things I noticed when moving out here was there was very little information online regarding products from this part of the world. In fact according to recent surveys, only about 25% the population of Honduras even has regular internet access. (no wonder there’s little info) I’m just adding my two cents to help alleviate that.

I’m also eager to learn more about health products from out here so I assure you I will keep my eyes open for new things and share my findings.

Many products found out here I have tried myself and I plan on detailing the results. Please note that these products are to be taken at your own risk. I am not a doctor nor medical professional and recommend that you speak to your doctor before taking any new products.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Productos HN

2 thoughts on “About Productos HN

  1. I just received the Batana tratamiento capilar but mys Spanish is limited can you maybe email me English instructions of how to use this.

    1. After washing hair, apply generously ensuring to reach scalp. (Apply to damp hair) Massage into scalp. Keep in for a minimum of 30 minutes. For best results keep in over night before washing out. Wearing a night cap would be wise to avoid getting on pillow. Can also be rubbed into skin as moisturizer. Do not microwave. You can liquify batana oil by simply bringing to room temperature.

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