Benefits of natural horsetail herb
1. It is a diuretic

Horsetail is one of the best natural supplements that exist to help favor the elimination of liquids, so it is ideal for those who suffer from inflammation, arthritis or gout and also for those who suffer kidney problems, bladder and stones in the kidneys.
2. Light stool softener

Combined with other medicinal plants such as nettle, milk thistle or dandelion, it allows us to purify our body of toxic agents. We recommend taking this plant once a day for one month, twice a year. Preferably during the spring and autumn.
3. Improves the condition of the skin and nails.

Its high silicon content helps maintain and recover the connective tissues of the skin, rejuvenating and invigorating.

In this sense, it also helps to form the collagen that our nails need.
4. Help to lose weight-eliminate liquids

Because of its diuretic effect, horsetail also helps to prevent and eliminate cellulite. It flushes toxins from our bodies, making it a great complement for those who are on a diet. However, we must bear in mind that what is eliminated is liquid, not fat.
5. Strengthens our bones and tendons

The high mineral content of the horsetail makes this plant have an invigorating effect , helping to nourish our bones and strengthen them. Ideal to help prevent cavities, osteoporosis and improve the healing of injuries.

It is therefore, a good complement for those people who play sports on a regular basis, as it has a positive effect on the flexibility of tendons and vascular walls.

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